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Blackhawk Bulldogs

All Adults are color DNA tested (copy provided to puppy owners upon request)

All Adults are also tested for the full panel of common diseases in the English Bulldog:  CMR1 (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy Type 1), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), and HUU (Hyperuricosuria).  Occasionally an adult may be a carrier of one of the above, but will not be bred to another carrier.  So pups can be carriers without having any effects on their own health.  If you are looking for a breeding pup - please inquire on specific genetics of the cross.

We also guarantee hips.  

Please inquire on a puppy contract and we will be happy to send you one!

Visions Ellie Mae Dixon -  Fawn Pied

Miss Ellie Mae is a very correctly built girl, extremely smart and a goof ball!  She loves babysitting my Aussie pups!  

Ellie is retired from breeding and will go to live with my son.  

bulldog female

Alexander Lavelle Harris of Sunnydale 
Black Tri Male

What a character Xander is...he makes everyone laugh. He has great substance and tons of wrinkles and a very nice rope. Mr. Xander will be our main breeding male

DNA:  nn/At/nn/Bb/Dd/EE/EMEM/nn/NN/nn
Triple carrier  Negative Merle
CMRI & DM Negative, HUU carrier

15.5 inches tall - 62 LBS
bulldog puppy
​Rockin the Foxy Roxxy Lane 

Fawn Merle

Roxxy joined us in Spring of 2017.  She is a riot...not afraid of ANYTHING...and yet a total sweetheart!  We look forward to breeding her to Xander in the future!  And...as her breeder says - she is dripping with wrinkles!

​DNA: Bb/Dd/KN/Ay/At
Triple carrier an TRI carrier!
Medical DNA pending

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Jacki & Bradley Musser
McNabb, IL  61335
The Adults of Blackhawk Bulldogs

Cold Nights N Kahlua Shots

Lilac Tri Merle Female

Miss Lou is a TANK.  I can't wait to get more photos of her now that she is filled out.  She is short, really wide and her personality is hilarious.  

​DNA: bb dd Mm NN atat, bb dd Mm KbrN atat
Triple carrier an TRI carrier!

Lou has a clear panel - except she is a DM carrier

Miss Hot N Spicy Caramella Brulee

Chocolate Tri Female

Cara is such a wonderful little girl.  She is compact and very well put together.  She has to KISS everyone she sees - including all the other dogs LOL.  

​DNA: bb Dd NN atat, bb Dd KN atat, bb DD NN atat, bb DD KN atat

Triple carrier an TRI carrier!

Cara is a DM and MR1 carrier, but clear on all others.